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This project involved a complete renovation of an existing home near Concord, Virginia. The owners had wanted the floor plan opened up so walls were removed and arches with columns took their place. The existing kitchen was completely re-worked with new appliances and cabinetry. The existing master bedroom was enlarged along with converting the existing master bath into the new master closet and a new master bath was designed and constructed. New moldings were added as well as new flooring throughout. Existing stone fireplaces were removed and replaced with gas units and existing ceilings were repaired.

This renovation was phased to allow the homeowners to remain in the house during much of the construction activities.

Total SF: 4,200

• 3 Bedrooms
• 3 Baths
• Dining
• Kitchen
• Breakfast Nook
• Gathering Room
• Living Room
• Garage
• Game Room