Custom Structures

Architects & General Contractors

This client wanted us to do as much as possible within her budget.  We listened to all of her issues she was having with her home and with her help, we made a list of items to create more of a curb appeal.

This project consisted of us remodeling her kitchen with a new layout, new cabinets, new appliances, light fixtures and granite countertops.  We also painted numerous rooms in the home, changed out the stair railing and ballasts and adding judges panels.

On the exterior we put on a new roof, added true operable shutters, new gutters, chippendale screen front door, handrails, detailed molding and redone the dormers.  We also added a lot of landscaping,, including flagstone steps to the back yard for easier access.

• Front Entry
• New Roof
• Kitchen Remodel
• Judges Panels Added
• Added Shutters
• Changed Siding Out on Dormers & Garage