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As a homebuilder in Lynchburg, VA, CS Custom Structures is known for its ability to match architectural styling and detailing. This is crucial when designing and building an addition that must seamlessly match an existing structure. We also take pride in renovation projects when we transform a tired, uninspiring residence into a vibrant and exciting one. Below, you will find links to a few of CS Custom Structures Inc.’s recent renovation and addition projects. We have worked on an array of different projects as a homebuilder in Lynchburg, VA - everything from renovating a single room within a home, to adding an outdoor entertaining space, to adding an entirely new wing to an existing home.

Historical Rehabilitation / Recreation

Historical projects are held with the highest esteem at CS Custom Structures Inc. Long before the company was formed, its team members had designed projects at prestigious places such as Camp David, the White House, Yorktown, and Colonial Williamsburg. Our love of history goes hand-in-hand with our ability to restore historic structures and our ability to design new structures that are sympathetic to period architecture. CS Custom Structures Inc. enjoys the privilege of restoring local historical structures. We recognize the significance of historical structures and do our best to preserve the integrity of a structure whilst enhancing its aesthetic appeal. We take great pride in these recreation projects; they provide the company with the chance to interact with history and allow us to expand our horizons by broadening our architectural experiences.

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