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Swooped Roof French Country Home, Lynchburg, Virginia

This house was a challenging design effort  because the owner had numerous requirements and details that needed to be incorporated without sacrificing space. An example would be the affect of the lower level vaulted ceilings on living space on the second floor. The exterior envelope was established, and the stairs were placed where the owner required them, vaulted ceilings also limited what could be incorporated on the second floor.

In the end our Architectural Designers were able to incorporate all of the owner’s requirements and marry them into a handsome concept that worked to everyone's satisfaction.  Custom Structures, Inc. also built this handsome residence in Bedford County.

Total SF: 3,200

• 4 Bedrooms
• 3 Baths
• Master Bath
• Master Bedroom
• Great Room
• Garage
• Dining Room
• Kitchen
• Breakfast Nook
• Sun Deck
• Screened in Porch
• Entertainment Room
• Coffered Ceilings