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Contemporary Retreat, Goode, Virginia

The drive that leads to the home is as tranquil as the stream on which it sits. You pass through sage fields, cedar groves and horse pastures until you finally see a hint of stone, metal and glass concealed by a nearby hill. As you circle around the hill you are met by a structure reminiscent of the Southwest… and that is with good reason because the house was designed by Phoenix architect, Grant Olds.

Custom Structures was the General Contractor as well as the on-site Architect. Our role was to build the house and work out details with the homeowners, during construction.

The house is very contemporary with its straight lines, open space, vaulted ceiling, large expanses of glass and minimal trim. 

The use of materials also reflects on the Southwestern influence of the designer. The floors are tile and bamboo, the counters are granite and soapstone, the cabinets are simplistic in their elegance, the red framed storefronts are bold and the exterior stone and metal roof create a sharp distinction with the trees in the background.

The house is comprised of an open Gathering Room off of the Kitchen, an Office, Dining area, Laundry Room, a large Pantry, a Master bedroom, three additional bedrooms an Entertainment room in the basement and an attached Garage.

The homeowners knew exactly what they wanted in their new home and were involved throughout the design and construction process. They worked closely with Custom Structures Architects and builders in the fine details that they wanted. One major element that they had established early-on was the placement of the house. They were adamant that the house be constructed where they could hear and see the flowing water of the creek that meandered through the woods. The house was placed within the hillside that led to the stream.

Now, when you look out the front windows your eye feasts upon cedar and sage. When you look out the back windows your eye feasts upon a hardwood forest with the sleepy stream running through it.

The house is a great example of Custom Structure’s craftsmanship that could not have been achieved without the homeowner’s careful eye and the vision of Grant Olds.