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On Falling River in Campbell County stands a Greek Revival farm house. The detailing, the materials, and the massing reflect a rural Virginia residence of 1850.  The house, though, was designed 159 years later and was constructed in 2010. Doric columns, a deep entablature, wide corner boards, projecting dog ear headers, standing seam roof, a cellar access, and simple detailing well document a style so prevalent upon Virginia’s soil a century and a half ago. The interior consists of antique wood flooring and moldings of the period throughout the home. While the home was designed to replicate a less hectic period visually, it was essential that modern conveniences be installed throughout with an open kitchen, a gathering room for entertainment, a master bedroom suite, children’s rooms, screened-in-porch and a parlor… to hint at the past.
Total SF: 3,014
• 3 Bedrooms
• 3 Baths
• Foyer
• Parlor
• Kitchen
• Dining Room
• Mud Room
• Master Suite
• 4 Fireplaces
• Laundry Chute
• Cellar Door
• Screened-in Porch
• Front Sitting Porch