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Design and Construction Teams Under One Roof

CS Custom Structures, Inc. provides both design and construction capabilities under one roof, which enables us to more accurately, price our projects during the design process. Having both trades work together for the client's benefit ensures accurate cost estimating as well as guaranteeing the most cost effective design and construction techniques. 

Having the capability to construct what we design is a major benefit to our clients. They get to develop a relationship with a contractor during the design process. It is a tremendous reassurance to our clients to have worked with our construction staff throughout the design phase. 

This daily association of architect/builder relates into projects that are architecturally sensitive during the construction phase. Our reputation for bringing architecture back into the construction field was well recognized when we were the recent recipient of the 2008 Craftsmanship Award, presented to CS Custom Structures, Inc. by the Blue Ridge Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

our_process_layout_6.jpgSchedule Milestones

We pride ourselves on meeting our client's needs. Our commitment to communications means that we return our phone calls. We can and will schedule meetings to fit our client's schedules. We appreciate everyone's schedule and have no problem meeting with our clients after normal business hours or on Saturdays.