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As businesses grow, it is often more cost-effective to expand the business rather than build a new facility. At CS Custom Structures, Inc., we are also well aware of how crucial it is for business owners to keep their business up and running while construction is going on. We have proper, extensive experience performing “occupied renovation” work and will take the necessary measures to minimize disruption and downtime to the daily operations of your business.

Commercial renovation projects offer a wide range of challenges. Projects can range from simply moving walls within a building to completely redesigning an entire section of the structure. In nearly all cases, the business must stay operational during the renovation process. We are mindful of the typical requirement and know how to seal areas from noise, dust, and debris. When necessary, we phase our work so that our construction crews work after normal business hours or on weekends to ensure the schedule is maintained. This allows businesses to maintain their normal operating hours and minimizes disruptions to their clientele.