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In March 2013 decision makers with LaCaretta approached CS Custom Structures to design and build their new facility adjacent to Lowes on Timberlake Road.

We prepared a quick concept for their review.  The concept incorporated several Southwestern themes using traditional Mexican materials. The concept was overwhelmingly approved by the client.

We wanted the exterior and interior to be as authentic as possible and used the Mission San Antonio de Valero or “The Alamo” as an architectural guide for detailing. That authentic detailing can be seen at the entry where columns, arches and niches were employed.

The façade outline also borrowed its shape from the Alamo while terra cotta tile, stucco, stone, window surrounds and wooden shutters completed the image we were looking for.  We actually went to Mexico to purchase the tile flooring, terra cotta roofing, stone columns, stone surrounds and many of the building materials and accents that made this project a success.

The interior is as unique as the exterior with authentic materials and mood setting verandas with eye catching detailing at every glance.  The new restaurant is a Timberlake landmark and we appreciate being called upon to be the designer and builder of this signature structure.

Total Square Feet: 6,340

• Hand Carved Stone Entry
• Hand Made Doors & Shutters with Traditional Hardware
• Hand Carved Columns
• Newly Renovated Bar Are
• Newly Renovated Bathrooms
• Newly Renovated Dining Areas
• Complete Exterior Renovation
• Added Storage Building
• Custom Made Light Fixtures
• Custom Made Tile Throughout