Custom Structures

Architects & General Contractors

This design-build project involved major renovations while the office remained open to receive dental patients. The challenge of renovating occupied spaces was accomplished by phasing construction. Demolition of interior walls, finishes, doors, as well as plumbing and electrical service was conducted on weekends and after hours during the week. Phasing allowed demolition and renovation to take place in segments that were blocked off from public use. This segmented construction minimized dust and debris from entering occupied areas. As each completed segment was opened to the public we were able to then repeat the process until the entire interior was renovated.

A true architectural transformation of space occurred with the original 1970’s interior emerging into a unique state-of-the-art  Dental Office. Some have even commented that this office may be the flagship for future dental offices.

Total SF: 1,950

• New Exterior Entry
• Foyer
• Reception Area
• Dental Area
• Office Area
• Break Room
• Records Room
• Coffee Bar