Custom Structures

Architects & General Contractors

CS Custom Structures, Inc. was responsible for the Architectural design of the Fourth Floor Infill at the DeMoss Center on the campus of Liberty University.

This architectural infill constituted 115,000 sf of Business and Assembly occupancies that included classrooms, lecture halls, offices, galleries, and egress components.

The design was prepared in phases to keep portions of the facility up and running while construction was going on.

In addition to the Fourth Floor Infill, CS Custom Structure’s architects also provided design assistance for the DeMoss Rooftop Observation Gallery. 

With the Blue Ridge Mountains almost at your fingertips, the University envisioned a rooftop observation area where visitors could experience the beauty of the mountains while also observing panoramic views of the campus. 

This rooftop observation gallery was designed in a Jeffersonian theme utilizing pediments, Tuscan columns and Chippendale railings.

Total SF: 115,000 

• Waiting Area
• Offices
• Class Rooms
• Art Gallery
• Public Restrooms
• Pergolas
• Raised Walkway
• Elevator Shaft
• Stairwell