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From the Pet’s room to His and Her Closets

2016-01-20 09:06:00

From the Pet’s room to His and Her Closets

There are several unique items that we are now incorporating into many of our Custom Homes. These unique items include designing pet rooms, wine cellars, closet type laundry rooms, parent’s room, sitting rooms within the master bedroom and huge double closets.

The pet room includes space for a crate, space for the pet’s bed, a cabinet for towels, blankets, food and treats, as well as a floor area large enough for the pet to walk around and a low wash basin with hose and drain. The finishes are low maintenance and easily cleaned. Natural lighting is included for the pet to see what’s going on outside. Sometimes the area also serves as the Mud Room, but the pet is definitely getting some dedicated space these days.

Wine cellars are becoming a desired feature with a gate that provides access into the space. There is also a romantic tasting table within the gated area. Materials often replicate a dungeon with stone walls, wood decking and saw dust. The older looking the better. If we could include spider webs, we would. Taking the guest to the wine cellar down in the make-believe catacombs can become a story unto itself.

Laundry rooms have started getting larger over the years. This is primarily due to the desire to have more hanging space, a folding table, layaway space awaiting pick-up, a wall mounted cabinet for a laundry chute to drop into and floor mounted cabinetry for laundry supplies. Four feet appears to be the absolute minimum clearance desired in front of the washer or dryer to the nearest obstruction.

Parent’s rooms have been discussed before and they are not going away. More and more couples are caring for an aging parent. This space is typically no more than a guest room with its own toilet, but clearance becomes paramount for wheelchair maneuvering. Grab bars along walls and proper reach dimensions need to be designed into the cabinetry as well as the covering of hot water piping. All hardware should be the lever type and reading lights behind the bed has proven to be desirable. One other item requested by the parent is an exterior door onto a railed porch for spending some quality time outside.

Master bedrooms have been getting larger for decades. They are now at the size that a love seat or a couple of extra chairs with tables and lamps fit comfortably within the bedroom creating the sitting area. This sitting area often has a small library or television nearby and helps divert the eye away from the bed making the room appear larger.

Once upon a time, Closets did not exist. Clothes were hung in wardrobes. For a long time the average closet was four feet wide in all bedrooms. Later the master closet was considered a walk-in because you could barely squeeze between two rows of clothes for an unheard of depth of five feet. Today we have provided master closets that have their own shoe closets as well as built-in cabinetry for folded items, and storage for underwear, socks, belts, ties, and sweaters. More often than not there is a “His” and a “Hers” closet. Thus far, the “Her” closet is at least three times the size of the “His” closet and if it is like my house the “Her” stuff is beginning to encroach into the ever shrinking “His” closet.